Turkey, dust cloud from Africa

Weather alert in Turkey for a dust cloud from Africa

The arrival of a dust cloud from Africa is sweeping Turkey from west to east. The authorities ask the population to stay indoors.

Authorities in Turkey have issued a weather alert for the arrival of a dust cloud from Africa that is sweeping the entire country from west to east, for which they have issued warnings to the population not to go outside if it is not necessary in the face of a a phenomenon that, according to experts, is increasing due to desertification and climate change.

The dust cloud arrived yesterday Sunday to the Turkish provinces of Eskişehir, Bursa, Kütahya and Bilecik, in the northwest of the country, as confirmed by the General Directorate of the State Meteorological Service, affecting air quality and visibility and causing problems in the transport, and is expected to mainly affect the central and eastern provinces of Turkey from tomorrow Tuesday, either in the form of dust storms or haze.

Given this situation, Turkish authorities have issued notices to the population asking that precautions should be taken when going abroad. In some provinces in eastern and Southeastern Turkey, local governors are asking people in the region to stay indoors unless it is strictly necessary to go outside, especially for those suffering from lung problems, asthma, bronchitis, cancer or any respiratory problem, as well as in the case of pregnant women, children and the elderly.

In addition, the EU’s Copernicus Earth observation program recently issued another warning for the arrival of a Saharan dust storm in the Mediterranean basin, which is expected to affect Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Turkey.

Sand storms and dust clouds are becoming more and more frequent in Turkey. Experts attribute this phenomenon to the loss of vegetation and the advance of desertification in arid and semi-arid areas of regions such as the African continent; however, due to climate change, scientific predictions suggest that dust storms will become more intense and more frequent in Turkey in the coming years.