Istanbul, snow in the city centre

Weather alert for snowfall in Istanbul

Meteorologists are warning of a sharp drop in temperatures in Istanbul from tomorrow, which will cause precipitation of hail and snow.

Authorities issued a weather alert on Tuesday in anticipation of snowfall in Istanbul in the coming days, in which the minimum temperatures are expected to drop on average to 8 degrees Celsius compared to the current ones.

According to forecasts by meteorologists, temperatures in the city are expected to plummet rapidly from tomorrow Wednesday until Friday, when the maximum temperature for the day will not exceed 4 degrees, continuing like this at least until Tuesday of next week.

In the coming days, intermittent showers are also expected to occur which, due to the low temperatures and especially at night, are very likely to fall in the form of hail and snow, especially as of Friday. The forecast of the experts indicates that the precipitations in the form of snow will continue for at least four days until Monday night.

This meteorological alert due to the arrival of snowfall, however, supposes a relief for the situation of the dwindling water reserves of Istanbul, which were at critical levels below 20% after autumn and winter months, in which rainfall has decreased to the half. Only the rains that fell last weekend have contributed to raise the level of the dams that supply Istanbul up to 21% of its capacity.