Turkey, snow in winter

Weather alert for heavy snowfall in Turkey

At least 11 provinces are on alert for heavy snow, while cities like Ankara woke up yesterday covered in white.

Turkish State Meteorological Service has issued a yellow alert for the arrival of heavy snowfalls in a total of 11 provinces located in the east of the country, urging the population to take precautions against snow.

According to weather forecasts, heavy precipitation in the form of snow is expected in the Eastern Black Sea region provinces of Giresun, Trabzon, Rize and Artvin, as well as in Diyarbakır, Batman, Siirt, Bitlis, Şırnak, Hakkari and Van, which are located in eastern and southeastern Anatolia.

The yellow alert also warns of the danger that the appearance of frost may pose in many regions of Turkey due to the drop in temperatures, which in Ankara, where the first snows have already fallen, will not exceed zero degrees at night in the coming days. Heavy rains are also expected in the coming days in the central and western Anatolia provinces.

Although for now the weather alert for snowfall in Turkey does not affect Istanbul, where snow is not expected for the rest of the year, the authorities have asked city residents to remain vigilant for a possible worsening of weather conditions for New Year’s Eve.