Turkey, pianist courier goes viral

Video of young courier playing the piano goes viral

Muharrem Can İncir, a young university student who works as a courier, has starred in a video on social media that has gone viral after playing the piano at the reception of a hotel in Beyoğlu, Istanbul, where he went to deliver an order. İncir began to play Mozart’s famous “Turkish March” masterfully, surprising tourists and hotel staff. The most surprising thing is that this young man, who started playing the piano at the age of 14, claims to have learned to play by watching videos on YouTube and practicing on his own, first with a cheap electric organ and then with a piano that his mother got by asking for a loan. “Being a pianist is just a dream for me,” says İncir, who after the video has received praise from pianists like Fazıl Say, and even the famous Turkish pianist Gülsin Onay has offered him to be her student. The courier company İncir works for has also announced that it will bear the costs of his education.