Afghanistan, Afghans trapped at Kabul Airport

US distributes pork to Afghans trapped at Kabul airport

“We have been sleeping among rocks and garbage for 4 days. My daughter feels cold and cries, and nobody helps us ”, says Afghan woman.

US soldiers guarding Kabul Airport, where thousands of people have been waiting for days with little help desperately trying to catch a plane to flee Afghanistan after the city fell to the Taliban, are distributing rations of food with pork to the Afghans.

In what could well be a metaphor for the chaos, lack of organisation and ignorance on Afghanistan by the United States, which after 20 years supporting the Kabul authorities in their fight against the Taliban decided to rush out of the country – after President Biden’s decision – causing the collapse of the Afghan government, an Afghan woman who has been trapped for days at the airport with her husband and daughter was able to share through Instagram an image of the food that US soldiers have given them.

They are feeding us with pork, which our religion does not allow, and 95% of the people here do not know how to read or speak English,” said indignantly the woman, showing a photo of the packaged ration, in which it could be read in English “Menu 17: pork sausage patty, maple flavored”. More than 99% of the population of Afghanistan declares itself Muslim, mainly from the majority Sunni branch.

“They are not distributing it, they are throwing these packages at us from afar,” explained the woman, who tries to show through social networks the ordeal that is going through her family and thousands of Afghans who are trying to escape from the Taliban fearing reprisals for having collaborated with Westerners, or simply remembering the atrocities committed by the Taliban when they seized power in 1996.

“4 days sleeping among rocks and garbage. My daughter is cold and cries, and nobody helps us “

In the photos published on her Instagram account, this Afghan woman recounts in her story that she and her family have been sleeping among “rocks and garbage” and in the cold for 4 days, while US soldiers surround them and point their weapons at them. “My daughter is cold and cries, and nobody helps us,” she says, asking to speak to a media outlet to tell “the situation in which the (US) army has thousands of people here.”

“We have no weapons, we are just trying to flee,” insists the woman, who also shows in her Instagram story images of the soldiers at the Kabul airport throwing the portions of food with pork, which are printed with the phrase “Property of the government of USA.” Many Afghans still remember the Taliban’s reign of terror in the 1990s, when they prohibited women from working or receiving education, banned television and music, and cut off the hands of robbery suspects.