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Unemployment in Turkey fell to 11.5%

Despite the reduction in unemployment and among youth, the rate of labor underutilisation in the Turkish economy is increasing.

The unemployment rate in Turkey fell to 11.5% last September, compared to the 11.8% unemployment rate recorded in August, according to official data released today by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK), whose report nonetheless notes that the rate of labor underutilisation – the percentage of people who work fewer hours than they would like – increased from 21.7% to 21.9%.

TÜİK data on the evolution of employment in the Turkish economy indicates that the number of unemployed over 15 years fell by about 70,000 in September to about 3.8 million people, while the labor force participation rate it increased by half a percentage point compared to August, and stood at 51.7%.

In total, the number of people employed in Turkey increased in September by 426,000 to 29.2 million, placing the employment rate at 45.8%, 0.6% more. The official statistical body adds in its report that the youth unemployment rate – which affects the group between 15 and 24 years of age – fell by 0.9% in September compared to the previous month, standing at 21.5%.

Regarding the distribution of employment by sectors, 54.9% of employees in Turkey in September worked in services sector, 21.9% in industry, 17% in agriculture and 6.2% in construction. Agricultural employment grew that month by 21,000 people, while in industry and services sectors it increased by 218,000 and 175,000 workers, respectively.

In addition to the reduction in unemployment in Turkey, another positive figure for the month of September is the reduction in unregistered employment (that is, the percentage of workers who are not registered with social security), which decreased by 2% in September compared to the same month last year, reaching 30.5%.