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Uber to operate again in Istanbul

The famous private transport company Uber has announced the resumption of its services in Istanbul.

The famous private transport company Uber announced yesterday that its mobile application will once again operate in Turkey and that its services will be available again in Istanbul, after a Turkish court of appeals reversed a previous ruling banning the app of Uber throughout Turkey following a lawsuit filed by taxi associations.

“The access ban on us has been lifted today. We say ‘Hello again’ to all Istanbul residents,” announced Uber’s office in Turkey through its official Twitter account using the hashtag #uberyeniden (#againuber, in Turkish). According to Uber, its intention is to work in collaboration with taxi drivers in Istanbul, although the details are unknown for now.

In March 2019, the United Association of Istanbul Taxi Drivers filed a lawsuit in court against the US-based company, and in October of that same year a local court ordered to prohibit access to the application in the country.

However, last December the Turkish Court of Appeals reversed that ruling, allowing Uber to operate again in Istanbul and other cities in the Eurasian country. “We believe in Turkey and we are committed to Turkey,” the private transport company stated after the annulment of the 2019 sentence.