Austria, attacks in Vienna

Two Turks saved two women and a policeman during attacks in Vienna

Nicknamed “the heroes of Vienna,” one of them was shot after helping a young woman. “Keep helping the Austrians,” Erdoğan has told them.

Two Turks living in Austria intervened during the attacks that Vienna suffered on Monday and in which at least four people have died, saving two women and a policeman in the middle of the shots despite the fact that one of them was also wounded by a bullet, according to Turkish media.

According to the news published by the Anatolia agency, Recep Tayyip Gültekin was in the centre of Vienna in the company of his friend Mikail Özer – both residents of Austria – when they began to hear shots; they then decided to drive to the place where they came from, and it was while they were parking when they saw an armed man shooting a pedestrian in the middle of the street, a young woman, who was helped by Gültekin.

“After I had transferred the woman to a nearby restaurant, when I returned I came face to face with the terrorist. We were at a distance of 5 or 6 meters, and he pointed his gun at me,” explains Gültekin, who although he launched himself to the ground to avoid being shot, he was eventually hit by a bullet and wounded in the leg. “We got in my friend’s car and went to the nearest police station to report what was happening,” he explained.

They also came to the rescue of a police officer who had been injured when confronting one of the attackers, and who the medical teams could not get close to because shots were still taking place. “I saw how he was shot with my own eyes,” says Gültekin. Upon seeing him, both young men – martial arts experts – grabbed the policeman by the shoulders and legs and took him to a nearby ambulance. They also helped an elderly woman they found in the middle of the shooting, and transferred her to a safe place.

“They did what a human, a Muslim and a Turk should do”

Hearing the news via social media, where both Turks have been nicknamed “The Heroes of Vienna“, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu praised Gültekin and Özer for risking their own lives to save two civilians. wounded and a policeman. “Our two brothers did what a human being, a Muslim, and a Turk should do (in such a situation),” the minister underlined.

Also on Tuesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held a video conference with both young men, wishing Öztekin a speedy recovery from his injuries during the attacks in Vienna, from which he is progressing favourably. “Keep helping the Austrians. They may not understand us, but we understand them,” Erdoğan told them, stating that Turkey is proud of them.