Turkey, pilotos rescued in Foça, İzmir

Two Turkish pilots rescued after plane crashed in the sea

Their plane crashed into the sea while they were on a training flight. On Wednesday another pilot was killed when his plane crashed in Konya.

Two Turkish military pilots were rescued today in the Aegean after their plane crashed into the sea during a training flight, Turkish media reported citing sources from the Defence Ministry.

According to the ministry’s statement, the two pilots were flying aboard a KT-1 type training aircraft when the plane, which had taken off from a nearby Air Force base, crashed into the sea off the coast of the town of Foça, in the province of İzmir. Both pilots were able to be rescued alive by the Turkish coastguard. For now, the causes for which the aircraft crashed are unknown.

This accident occurs just two days after another training plane, an F-5, crashed after noon in Konya province – in central Anatolia – killing its pilot, identified as Captain Burak Gençcelep. Gençcelep was a member of the Turkish Stars (Türk Yıldızları), the aerobatic group of the Turkish Air Force, which is based precisely in Konya.

Although fortunately the two Turkish pilots whose plane crashed into the sea today were rescued alive, in early March Turkey was shocked by another military aircraft accident when a military helicopter crashed into the mountains in Bingöl province, in eastern Turkey, leaving 11 soldiers dead.