Turkey, town under quarantine due to coronavirus

Two civilians killed in PKK attack in Turkey

One of the victims is a social worker who was returning with his injured partner to deliver aid to a people quarantined by the coronavirus pandemic.

Two civilians, one of them a social worker who distributed aid to the population due to the coronavirus pandemic, were killed on Thursday in the province of Van, eastern Turkey, also coinciding with the celebration of the holy month of Ramadan.

As reported by the Turkish press, the murdered social worker was part of the so-called Vefa Sosyal Destek Grubu (Vefa Social Support Group), created to help those over 65 and the chronically ill during the coronavirus pandemic, as they cannot normally leaving home due to confinement measures. The group also distributes masks, soap and disinfectant to the general population.

The terrible event occurred when the two social workers returned from delivering aid to a quarantined village in the Özalp district; at that time, several armed men linked to the PKK shot at them with assault rifles. One of the social workers and a resident of the area were shot dead, while the other social worker was injured.

Local authorities reported in a statement that the vehicle that carried out the attack immediately fled. The injured municipal employee was transferred to a hospital, where he remains hospitalized, while an operation has been launched to try to capture the attackers.

This is not the first time that the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), recognised as a terrorist group by the European Union, carries out an attack during the coronavirus pandemic in which several workers are also killed. Last April, five forest workers were killed in another armed attack by the group in Diyarbakır province, southeast Turkey.