Turkish delivery company Getir, now in Barcelona

Turkish ultra-fast delivery company Getir, now in Spain

Based in Istanbul, Getir offers online shopping delivery within 10 minutes. Initially it will offer its services in Madrid and Barcelona.

Turkish ultra-fast delivery company Getir announced this week the start of its operations in Spain, starting with the cities of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​after having recently acquired BLOK, a fast home delivery company that operated in both Spanish cities and also in Milan.

In a statement released on September 15, the Turkish firm, a pioneer in ultra-fast home delivery services, reported that it will initially start with 19 G-stores (products sale points) in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and that it has plans to continue expanding its services to other cities in Spain in the coming months.

“Our commitment to the Spanish market is strong. Madrid and Barcelona are two of the most popular destinations in Europe, two vibrant cities thanks to their local life and tourist attraction”, declared Nazım Salur, founder of Getir. “Spain is a natural market to expand our activity, and we are confident in the receptivity of the public to our quality service and our innovative technology,” he added.

For his part, the CEO of Getir Spain, Hunab Moreno, highlighted the company’s work culture, based on respect. “Our culture is based on working and growing together. We firmly believe that the better we take care of our people, the better our service will be. We want to be the best company to work for,” he assured, giving details about the security equipment and the training that Getir’s delivery drivers receive.

Since 2015 in Istanbul, Getir has expanded for Turkey and Europe

Getir (a Turkish word that literally means “Bring”) was born in 2015, founded as the world’s first ultra-fast home shopping delivery service, using a revolutionary concept: it offers a selection of thousands of products, which are available to be purchased online and delivered anywhere in just 10 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using electric bikes or scooters.

From Istanbul, where it started its operations, Getir quickly expanded first to Turkey, where it already operates in 33 cities across the country, and then to Europe, where its growth has also been very fast: in addition to Italy, last January it began operating in London; in May it launched its services in Amsterdam, and in June it was already offering home deliveries in Paris and Berlin.

The company has several associated subsidiaries in Turkey to provide different products to distribute, such as GetirFood, GetirMore, GetirWater or GetirLocals. Its growth has been driven by a strong capital investment, which is estimated to be around 1 billion dollars so far in 2021, and its market value has multiplied by 9 in just 5 months: it is currently estimated that the value of Getir exceeds $7.5 billion. After landing in Spain, this ultra-fast delivery Turkish company already plans to start operating in the United States by the end of this year.