Turkish series in Spain

Turkish series raise the morale of Spaniards during the pandemic

Turkish embassy in Madrid has received letters from Spanish fans of Turkish series, saying they helped to end prejudices about Turkey.

Turkish series have triumphed in Latin America and also, in more recent years, in Spain, where Turkish soap operas such as “Woman” are currently breaking audience records. But the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has brought another curious phenomenon: and it is that many Spaniards have found in these series a source of relief and entertainment in the face of the confinement and uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought.

This is what the Turkish embassy in Madrid has confirmed, after publishing through the Turkish news agency Anatolia the letters and emails – and even phone calls – of thanks sent to the embassy by fans of Turkish series in Spain, in which they praise Turkish television productions and tell how they have helped them to cope with the consequences of the pandemic.

In one of those letters, shown by the Turkish ambassador to Spain Cihad Erginay, a 70-year-old Spanish woman speaks of the “sad situation we are going through due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and which is causing many of us a great emotional stress “. “Watching Turkish television series, I have experienced great relief by making us forget the drama that we are going through,” says the letter sent to the Turkish ambassador.

“Some may find this nonsense, but Turkish series have helped me to overcome this crisis,” says the woman, adding that “I have seen the incredible quality of Turkish series.”

“I realised that I had a lot of prejudices about Turkey”

Turkish series, fans letters

In other letters and emails these same comments are also mentioned, while highlighting how the Turkish series have served to gain a new and better perspective and knowledge of the Turkish people.

“I have realised that I had a lot of prejudices about Turkey,” says another of the letters sent by Spanish fans. “Although I do not know your language or your country, I can cope with the quarantine (due to the pandemic) thanks to the Turkish series,” it adds. Currently and since the premiere in 2018 of the first Turkish series in Spain, Fatmagül, there are already about 15 Turkish television series that are broadcasted in the country, including Kara Sevda, Room 309, Her Yerde Sen (Everywhere You), Hercai, Erkenci Kuş or Kadın (Woman), among others.