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Turkish sanitiser gel exports increased 10-fold

Exports of hydroalcoholic hand sanitiser gel have soared. The forecast is that the trend will continue due to the new hygiene and cleaning habits that coronavirus has brought.

Exports of hydroalcoholic hand sanitiser gel multiplied by 10 or more in Turkey between January and April due to the sharp increase in demand for the coronavirus pandemic: and this despite the export restrictions on these products that were in force for several weeks.

According to data presented this Monday by the Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters’ Union (İKMİB), the exports of this type of gels totalled 90 million dollars in the first four months of the year, compared to 8.6 million dollars that totalled in the same period last year, representing an important source of income for Turkish companies at a time when the pandemic forced many businesses to close.

Adil Pelister, executive director of İKMİB, said in a statement that this trend will be accelerated in the coming months as the Turkish government recently removed restrictions on exports of this type of substances based on alcohol derivatives, and with the creation of new product lines.

“Despite export restrictions during the pandemic, we have seen an increase in disinfectant exports,” said Pelister, adding that although worldwide -including Turkey- de-escalation measures are being taken to relax confinement as COVID-19 infections are decreasing, new hygiene and cleanliness habits will be maintained in the long term and will keep demand strong.

During the past April alone, domestic demand in Turkey for such products increased by almost 40%, and several Turkish companies have put their efforts into increasing production of hand sanitiser gel. However, domestic demand in Turkey is expected to be lower due to the tradition of offering kolonya (cologne) -which contains more than 70% ethanol– to guests, being used as a substitute for gels.