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Turkish restaurants to reopen in mid-June

The rules for the reopening of restaurants, which have been closed in Turkey for more than two months due to the coronavirus, force them to maintain a separation between tables of at least one and a half metres.

Turkish restaurant owners are making preparations to reopen their establishments in Turkey in mid-June after more than two months of forced closure due to the situation created by the coronavirus pandemic.

“The restaurants and other companies will reopen with difficulties. The restaurants could be reopening until June 15. They were closed by an executive order from the Ministry of the Interior, and we will reopen them according to a circular issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism,” explained Kaya Demirer, president of the Association of Tourism and Catering Investors (TÜRYİD).

“The reopening will, of course, be gradual. The human health criteria established by the Ministry of Health will be followed,” Demirer stressed, adding that the minimum distance between tables will be one and a half meters, while the chairs will have to be separated by at least 60 centimetres in restaurants.

“We have to implement these rules for a certain time. As the pandemic subsides, the rules will relax,” Demirer said on Turkish restaurants. The TÜRYİD president stressed, however, that there are some 100,000 restaurants and inns throughout Turkey, and that each and every one of their owners will have to demonstrate great responsibility during the duration of the pandemic.