Turkey, Constitutional Court

Turkish prosecutor’s office calls for closure of Kurdish nationalist party HDP

“All Turkey knows about the links between the PKK and HDP,” the prosecutor told the judges of the Constitutional Court.

The Turkish prosecutor’s office investigating the Kurdish nationalist party HDP (acronym for Peoples’ Democratic Party) has asked for the closure of this political formation, alleging that it is an open secret throughout the country that the HPD, in reality, is nothing more than the political branch of the PKK terrorist group.

This was stated by the Chief Prosecutor of the Supreme Court of Appeals of Turkey, Bekir Şahin, when presenting his accusation on Tuesday before the judges of the Constitutional Court, to whom he asked that the HDP be outlawed – as were its predecessors – for its links with the PKK.

In subsequent statements to press, Şahin explained that he had presented to the Constitutional Court judges all the reasons why the HDP should be closed down; when asked if the high court will issue its verdict before the elections that will be held in just a few months, the prosecutor said that this is a matter that is in the hands of the Constitutional Court.

“All Turkey knows the links between PKK and HDP”

“We have finished our work for now. We have presented all our evidence. From our point of view, the process is finished, and the rest is the task of the Court”, explained Şahin. “All Turkey knows about the links between the terrorist organization (PKK) and the accused party (HDP),” he added.

“The 85 million inhabitants (of the country) know that the accused party is not independent of the PKK, and that it is under the control of the terrorist organization,” explained the Chief Prosecutor when detailing his presentation of the charges before the Constitutional Court, also recalling that the HDP has never condemned the terrorist attacks of the PKK, which it considers “a popular armed movement”, while the HDP provincial offices serve as de facto recruitment centers for the PKK.

The HDP now has a period of at least 30 days to present its oral defense before the judges of the Constitutional Court, which recently ordered the temporary freezing of the HDP’s bank accounts to prevent it from benefiting from public aid to finance political parties.

In order to outlaw the HDP, at least 10 of the 15 judges must vote for the closure of the Kurdish nationalist party. The presidential and parliamentary elections in Turkey will be held in June, although Erdoğan has not ruled out holding them on May.