Istanbul, police with body camera

Turkish police to start using body cameras in 2025

All police officers in Turkey will be equipped with boy cameras with integrated facial recognition systems from 2025, Turkish Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya announced on CNN Türk during an interview in which he referred to issues such as the fight against terrorism or illegal immigration.

By 2025, every police officer will wear a body camera. The interactions between the police and citizens will be recorded, recording the actions and behaviour of my police officers and gendarmes,” the minister said in an interview the night before yesterday, explaining that these devices – currently used only by some traffic police in Istanbul – will allow real-time monitoring of police interventions from the police station, enabling faster action against suspects.

“With the body cameras, complaints and behaviour against the police can be evaluated quickly,” Yerlikaya said, adding that such systems allow both a more transparent relationship with citizens on the part of the police and quicker intervention in all kinds of situations. According to the minister, the facial recognition system that will be incorporated into the officers’ cameras will be developed by Aselsan, Turkey’s leading defence technology firm.