Istanbul, Ekrem Imamoğlu

Turkish police denies plan to assassinate Istanbul mayor

Intelligence reports confirmed by the Istanbul city council claim that there was a plan by the terrorist group Daesh to kill the mayor.

Turkish police has denied the information published in some media according to which there is a plan by the terrorist group Daesh to assassinate the metropolitan mayor of Istanbul, Ekrem Imamoğlu.

In a statement, the General Directorate of Security of Turkey denied the existence of such a plan against the mayor, adding that rumours and similar speculations about other politicians and authorities are often spread without a consistent basis, despite which the necessary measures are taken to protect the supposed threatened.

“It is not true that an assassination attempt (against Imamoğlu) was thwarted, or that a murderer was captured as the news claim,” ​​Turkish police insisted in the statement, recalling that the security forces always maintain vigilance against terrorist groups such as Daesh, PKK, or DHKP-C.

Yesterday, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu also denied the existence of a terrorist threat against the metropolitan mayor. “There is no such assassination attempt, and no one has been caught. These threats always exist, but we prefer they not to be known by the public and the media. Terrorist organisations have an extra objective, which is to be talked about.” said the minister.

Intelligence reports point to a Daesh assassination plan

Sources from the Istanbul metropolitan city council told the Turkish daily Sözcü that they had received reports two weeks ago of a potential Daesh assassination attempt against Imamoğlu. The security team would have been informed about the supposed assassination attempt and would have taken additional measures to prevent it, according to the newspaper.

The Turkish newspaper also cited as a source an official of the Ministry of the Interior, who under anonymity confirmed that they received in Ankara intelligence reports pointing to a Daesh plan to assassinate the mayor of Turkey’s largest city, and that in addition to Imamoğlu would include other political targets as well.

Murat Ongun, spokesman for the Istanbul city council, confirmed for his part that he had received reports on November 23 about a potential terrorist plan to assassinate the mayor of Istanbul, so Imamoğlu’s security was reinforced according to said information, although the routine and the mayor’s schedule was not altered and continues as planned.