Turkey, travel by bus amidst pandemic

Turkish government sets maximum prices for bus tickets

The regulation, which will be in force until July 31, establishes a maximum price for a bus ticket to travel between cities, based on the distance travelled.

The Turkish government has set maximum prices for inter-city bus passenger transport services to avoid some of the abuses detected in the sale of intercity bus tickets during the first weeks of the coronavirus pandemic.

As reported by the Turkish press, the rule published in the Official Gazette of the Republic specifies that the maximum price for a bus ticket for a journey of up to 115 kilometres will be 100 Turkish liras (about 13 euros), while for a trip of at most 250 kilometres the cost of the ticket may not exceed 130 liras (just over 17 euros).

The decree also states that in the event that the intercity bus route reaches 1,000 kilometres, the ticket may have a maximum price of 250 liras (approx. 33 euros); finally, for a trip of up to 2,000 kilometres or more, the maximum price is set at a maximum of 500 liras (about 67 euros) per ticket.

This regulation, which sets the maximum prices of bus tickets for intercity trips based on the length of the journey, will be in force until July 31. The new fares have been established to avoid passenger abuse, but also taking into account the extra costs that bus companies are facing due to the pandemic, according to the text of the Official Gazette.