Mask for coronavirus pandemic

Turkish government sets maximum price for masks

Facial masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus can be sold in stores and pharmacies but cannot cost more than 1 lira (13 euro cents) per unit.

Turkish government has set the maximum price that will have, including taxes, the masks that are put on sale in stores, pharmacies and through online platforms, and that cannot exceed the price of 1 lira (13 euro cents), as The Turkish Ministry of Commerce announced today.

Starting Friday, May 8, face masks can be sold in stores, pharmacies, companies selling medical products, and through online sales websites. Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan announced on Monday that the masks would be able to be sold in stores after their sale had previously been temporarily banned.

This is because Turkish authorities decided to suspend the sale of masks in early April after starting a free distribution system of 5 weekly masks to each citizen through the postal service; however not all applicants were able to receive their masks on time due to high demand.

“Our goal is to provide our citizens with medical masks in the fastest and easiest way possible by expanding the distribution network,” the ministry said in a statement.

The Turkish government requires mask to be worn in public and crowded places such as parks, shops or supermarkets, and its use is also mandatory on public transport in many cities such as Istanbul and Ankara. Turkey, which has already overcome the first phase of the fight against the pandemic, currently has some 50,000 active cases of coronavirus and more than 78,000 recovered patients, and is one of the 10 countries in the world that has carried out more tests.