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Turkish government raises minimum wage by 21%

The salary increase, 7% above inflation, places net minimum wage in Turkey at 2,826 liras a month, about 312 euros.

The Turkish government announced on Monday a 21.56% increase in minimum wage that will come into effect on January 1, as confirmed by the Turkish Minister of Family, Labor and Social Affairs, Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk.

In this way, the net minimum wage per person goes from 2,324 liras a month to 2,826 liras a month, about 312 euros at the current exchange rate; as for the gross minimum wage – before deductions for taxes and social security – it will reach 3,578 liras (395 euros) from January 1.

The minister added that minimum wage has increased by 500 Turkish liras compared to 2020, and that the wage increase is 7% higher than the inflation figure for November. “In November inflation was 14.03%. With this increase approximately 7% higher than the inflation rate, once again we have fulfilled our promise not to allow our workers to be squeezed by inflation,” she said.

Selçuk also said that the Turkish government has continued to increase the minimum wage since the AKP party first came to power in 2002, when the minimum wage was only 184 liras: “In this way, as of January 2020, the net minimum wage has increased in real terms 1.5 times: that is, it has been free of inflation for 18 years.”