Istanbul, disinfection due to coronavirus

Turkish government considers new restrictions in September due to coronavirus

According to Turkish press, the Turkish government could impose restrictions similar to those in April from the second half of September.

The Turkish government could be considering imposing new restrictions as of September as a mean of curbing coronavirus infections, which in recent weeks have increased again in part due to the relaxation of security measures due to the arrival of summer despite that -contrary to what many thought at the beginning of the pandemic- high temperatures have not killed the virus.

According to information published in the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet, restrictions similar to those imposed in April could come into effect in mid-September if the contagion curve, which remains above 1,000 cases per day, is not bent. To this end, the Ministry of Health is already preparing a strategy in coordination with the Presidency for a package of measures that would come into effect in the second half of September.

“Until September 15, the inspections will increase public awareness. This is the goal. However, after September 15, further action will be taken. People will be more cautious after returning from vacation, and will return to work, and the students will return to school. Public opinion will be by then mentally prepared,” an official told the newspaper without revealing his name.

The return to classrooms is precisely another cause for concern for public opinion, after they closed their doors on March 16 due to the pandemic and the rest of the classes continued online. Turkey is preparing to return to face-to-face classes on August 31, but despite instructions from the authorities on how to deal with the virus, many parents are still afraid to send their children to school.