European Super League

Turkish football rejects proposal for a European Super League

Turkish football has criticised the plan to create a European Super League, which is mortally wounded after the withdrawal of 6 English clubs.

The highest authorities of Turkish football as well as several clubs have flatly rejected the proposal of a European Super League announced on Sunday by 12 major European clubs: an idea that nevertheless has been born mortally wounded after in the last hours the 6 English clubs confirmed that have left the project due to protests from their fans, as well as to pressure from UEFA and the British government itself.

In Turkey, the Minister of Youth and Sports Mehmet Kasapoğlu openly criticised the proposal through his official Twitter account, where he affirmed that the idea of ​​creating a European Super League violates the “principle of participation” which is – he stressed – a basic principle of any sporting event, by limiting the number of clubs that can compete.

For its part, the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) issued an online statement through its official website in which it expressed its “deep concern” over the news of the creation of a league outside of UEFA. “Let us consider this senseless attempt completely unacceptable, since it will completely endanger the future of the world of football,” warned the TFF.

Although in principle the proposal for a Super League was born from 12 major European clubs from England, Spain and Italy, Turkish sports press published after the project was announced that Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray would have received invitations to participate in the new league; strangely, Beşiktaş, another of the great clubs in the Süper Lig and currently leading the Turkish league, was left out.

The departure of the English clubs leaves the Super League mortally wounded

The project launched on Sunday quickly unleashed strong criticism in the European football world, with many leagues threatening with expelling participating clubs; UEFA itself announced that the players who participate in the new Super League will not be able to play either the European Football Championship or the World Cup with their respective national teams.

However, just two days after the controversial announcement, the European Super League seems mortally wounded after the 6 English teams – Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea – announced yesterday that they are withdrawing from the project. The rest of the remaining members are Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid from Spain, and Juventus from Turin, AC Milan and Inter Milan from Italy.