Turkey, Ahmet Çalık mortal accident

Turkish football in shock over tragic death of Ahmet Çalık

The international and former Galatasaray player was buried yesterday in Ankara. A video shows the moment of his mortal accident.

The death in a tragic car accident of Ahmet Çalık, a former Galatasaray player who currently played in the ranks of Konyaspor, has shocked Turkish football, which has unanimously expressed its regret and sadness at the death of the young player, only 27 years old.

The accident occurred on Tuesday, January 11, when Çalık was driving his private car on a highway that connects the Turkish capital, Ankara, with the province of Niğde. According to a video collected by security cameras and exposed by Turkish media, it was when Çalık overtook a truck at high speed that he seemed to lose control of his vehicle, which after maneouvering to the right again ended going off the road, falling down an embankment and tipping over.

The accident, which was possibly due to speeding, but also to rainy conditions that made the asphalt very slippery, caused the death of the player, who was the sole occupant of the vehicle. The tragedy is twofold since, according to some media, Çalık was heading to Ankara – his city of origin – to request a date for his wedding, which was scheduled to take place next February.

The player was buried amidst great pain in the Elmadağ cemetery, outside Ankara, at a funeral attended by hundreds of people.

His death has shocked the entire world of football but especially his last two teams: Galatasaray, where he played from 2017 to 2020, the year in which he was transferred to Konyaspor, also a first division club. Previously, he had served in 2011 in the ranks of the Gençlerbirliği of Ankara.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of our player, who had won the love of our fans and our city from the first day he arrived at our Konyaspor,” read the message posted by his current club on Twitter. Galatasaray also joined the shock throughout Turkish football by the sudden and tragic death of Ahmet Çalık: “We feel deep regret for the loss of one of our former players.” Çalık was also international playeer for the Turkish national team since his debut in 2015. R.I.P.