Fenerbahçe's Mergim Berisha, convicted of gender violence

Turkish Fenerbahçe footballer, convicted of gender violence

The player, a Fenerbahçe striker, has received a restraining order for hitting and threatening his current girlfriend.

The famous Turkish Fenerbahçe football player Mërgim Berisha has been sentenced by a court in the city of Istanbul to a restraining order against the one who until now was his girlfriend and with whom he planned to marry, Vesa Vllasaliu, after she filed a lawsuit for gender violence against the German striker.

According to Turkish media reports, a family court in Istanbul would have prohibited Berisha from approaching Vllasaliu’s places of work or residence for two months, also ordering that the player should not maintain any contact with the victim during the same period of time. Should he breach any of these restrictions, Berisha could face a jail sentence of between 3 and 30 days, the court announced.

The lawsuit filed by the one who until now was his fiancee indicates that the Fenerbahçe footballer acted violently with his partner when they were both in the apartment where they lived in the Ümraniye district, on the Asian side of Istanbul. After an argument in which Berisha reportedly hit Vllasaliu, the player kicked her out of the apartment and prevented the woman from re-entering, refusing to hand over her belongings.

According to the plaintiff, the Fenerbahçe striker would later have made threats against his hitherto girlfriend, even going so far as to instruct the security staff of the apartment complex to “not allow Vllasaliu to enter the premises.” The couple, who had lived in the same apartment since September 2021, planned to marry next June.

Born in Germany to Kosovar parents in 1998, the player’s current contract with Turkish side Fenerbahçe expires on June 30, 2025; however, the conviction for gender-based violence, together with his modest performance as a striker in the team – he has only scored 4 goals in 22 league matches played this season – could precipitate his departure from the Istanbul club. Currently, his market value it is estimated at about 7.8 million euros.