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Turkish coronavirus vaccine could be ready in 5 months

Scientists in Turkey are working around the clock on 8 potential coronavirus vaccines and 10 drugs to combat COVID-19.

The Turkish coronavirus vaccine could be ready in just 5 months, in early 2021, after Turkey recently announced that at least 2 of the 8 vaccines in development in the country have already passed the animal testing phase, and one of them has received the approval of the scientific ethical committee to begin to be tested in humans.

Professor Hasan Mandal, President of the Turkish Council for Scientific and Technological Research (TÜBİTAK), assures that Turkish scientists are working around the clock day and night so that a definitive vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 is ready in early 2021. ” We have requested clinical trials (with humans) in a study, and we hope to close the process in October. Then the trials with humans will begin. I assure you that our scientists are efficient and capable of developing a vaccine,” said Mandal.

Mandal stressed that Turkey has the same technology that the more developed countries have to develop its own medicines and vaccines; however, he insisted that the Turkish vaccine will be different from the one being developed by other countries, including Russia, which recently claimed to have an effective one ready. Turkish scientists are also working on the development of an effective drug against COVID-19.

“Turkey will not be a country that lags behind others in the development of medicines and vaccines, but a country that will develop its own medicines and vaccines against the coronavirus,” Mandal said. There are currently 10 studies underway in Turkey to develop a drug against COVID-19, and 8 to achieve a vaccine against the virus.

Professor Şaban Tekin, coordinator of TÜBİTAK’s COVID-19 Turkey Platform, explained that for now a drug has already received a license for use. Regarding the development of a vaccine against the coronavirus, “it is a long process, but the WHO can eliminate some study phases in extraordinary situations, such as a pandemic. Thanks to this, development works will be accelerated,” he said.