Fish döner kebab

Turkish company will export its new fish kebab to Europe

Several European countries have already shown interest in the fish döner kebab, which if successful could revolutionise the traditional concept of one of the most famous dishes of Turkish cuisine.

A Turkish company has already completed all the necessary procedures to export to Europe the first fish döner kebab, an idea that if successful could completely change the concept that until now had one of the most famous dishes of the rich Turkish cuisine.

The company, Tek Balık Döner, actually started as a small restaurant in Istanbul; however, the business was growing and later, it bougth a factory in the municipality of Torbalı, on the outskirts of the Turkish city of İzmir, where it began to develop and produce its two main specialities: the fish kebab, and the fish hamburger.

Now, after having obtained the necessary permits from the European authorities, and after four years developing and researching their new products, the firm plans to take a new leap forward entering the European market and revolutionising the famous döner kebab, a type of Turkish kebab that is characterised because the meat is cooked inserted in a vertical spit that turns (hence the word döner, which in Turkish means “that turns”).

Although traditional kebab is usually prepared with chicken, lamb or veal meat, the fish kebab that the Tek Balık Döner company wants to market is made mainly of mackerel and salmon. For its manufacture the fish is stored at -18 ° C, and then thawed at 4 degrees for 8 hours. After being cleaned, the thorns are removed one by one and the fish is finally seasoned with a special recipe … What is it? It´s a secret

The idea could have great success in Europe, where fish consumption is higher

Speaking to the media, the company’s director, Merve Altınsoy, explained that its 100% natural marinade process eliminates the bad smell of fish and gives it a special flavor. Altınsoy added that although the company sells fish döner kebab in its own restaurants, it is in negotiations with the main döner kebab chains in Europe to distribute its product throughout the old continent.

“Imports (in Europe) will begin in a very short time. We have received offers from Germany, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands,” Altınsoy said. “Our goal is to offer the fish döner kebab to the whole world,” said the head of the Turkish company, who believes that the idea can be more successful in Europe than in Turkey because in European countries the consumption of fish is greater .