Barcelona, Camp Nou stadium

Turkish company Limak to renovate the Camp Nou stadium

FC Barcelona board of directors has chosen the Turkish company Limak for offering “the shortest time at the best price”.

FC Barcelona has announced that the Turkish construction company Limak will be in charge of renovating Barça’s stadium, the Camp Nou: works that are expected to begin next June, as explained by the Blaugrana club after a meeting of its directive, which has chosen the Turkish proposal practically unanimously.

During a press appearance, Elena Fort, institutional vice-president of FC Barcelona, highlighted that Limak “is a leading construction company worldwide that guarantees the best price in the shortest possible time”. “We want the Spotify Camp Nou to be built in the shortest possible time and at the best price: two things that this company can do”, she assured.

For his part, Ebru Özdemir, president of Limak, has emphasized that the Turkish company currently operates in 12 countries around the world, carrying out all kinds of projects. “We are leading many major projects abroad, including dams, airports, sports complexes, energy facilities, and housing. Like Limak, we want to take the Turkish construction industry to higher levels in Europe, the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf countries.”

The cost of renovating the Camp Nou stadium is expected to exceed 900 million euros, with a completion date of June 2026 which, in the event of non-compliance, will force Limak to indemnify FC Barcelona, according to the contract signed by the Turkish company, which among other projects has also participated in the construction of the new Istanbul airport.