Argentina, Turks repatriated because of the pandemic

Turkish citizens trapped in Argentina by pandemic return home

A plane specially chartered by Turkish Airlines left Thursday from Buenos Aires with 33 Turkish citizens and 6 Ukrainians who had been trapped in Argentina by the coronavirus.

A group of Turkish citizens who had been trapped in Argentina since the start of the coronavirus pandemic were finally able to return to Turkey on Thursday on a flight along with 9 Ukrainian citizens, whose government was very appreciative of Ankara’s help.

“We are grateful to Turkey for bringing Ukrainians alongside Turkish citizens through a specially chartered Turkish Airlines flight,” Ambassador Andrii Sybiha told Turkish media, stressing that six countries had previously rejected Kiev’s request for help in order to bring back their citizens trapped in Argentina.

In fact, Sybiha highlighted that to date some 3,000 Ukrainian citizens have been able to return to Ukraine with the help of Turkey, and assured that the repatriated Ukrainians will scrupulously comply with the quarantine measures that they must pass in Turkey before being sent back to their country.

The plane left from Buenos Aires after 1:00 am on Thursday to Ankara from Ezeiza International Airport with 33 Turkish citizens on board. İsmail Tan Sander, one of the repatriated Turks, explained to a reporter for the Anatolia news agency that he had started a trip around Latin America before the pandemic from Mexico, and that upon arrival in Argentina borders were closed due to the coronavirus.

In addition to Argentina, to date Turkey has repatriated some 60,000 citizens from numerous countries around the world after being trapped by the pandemic, which worldwide has infected nearly 4 million people and caused more than a quarter of million deaths.