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Turkish Cargo is the 4th largest air transport company in the world

1 out of every 5 cargo that travels by plane in the world, is already transported by Turkish Cargo, the cargo subsidiary of Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Cargo, the air cargo subsidiary of Turkish Airlines, has already become the 4th largest air transport company in the world, according to data published on July 30 by the company.

Citing figures from the month of June from World Air Cargo Data (WACD), Turkish Cargo points out that in that month its share of the global market remained at 4.8%, despite the fact that in global terms, the world cargo transport market by air sank 6.9%.

“This success achieved by Turkish Cargo demonstrates our commitment to make Turkey the world heart of the air freight industry,” Ahmet Bolat, Chairman of Turkish Airlines, said in a statement. Bolat also recalled that Turkish Cargo’s goal is to be among the top three air freight transport companies in the world by 2025, with global revenues reaching 3.5 billion dollars.

The statement added that Turkish Cargo, as one of the world’s leading air transport companies, already transports 1 in 5 cargoes by plane globally. With connections to 340 destinations worldwide (100 of them direct), Turkish Cargo currently has a fleet of 383 aircraft.