Airport, Turkish Airlines plane

Turkish Airlines will resume its international flights on June 11

Turkish Airlines will resume its domestic flights on June 5. Cabin baggage will not be allowed. Pegasus airlines will resume international flights on June 15.

Turkish national airline Turkish Airlines (THY) announced late Wednesday that it will extend the suspension of its flights to domestic destinations until June 4, while international flights will be suspended until June 10, the company reported in a release.

The Turkish airline, which last year carried more than 74 million passengers, had previously announced the suspension of all its domestic and international flights until at least May 28 due to the situation created by the coronavirus pandemic.

For its part, the low-cost airline Pegasus has cancelled all its international flights until June 14, and has also confirmed the suspension of its connections to destinations in Turkey until at least June 3.

As part of the new security measures introduced in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, once flights are resumed, Turkish Airlines will not allow luggage to be carried in the cabin, but will be checked in with the rest of the luggage; for this reason, the usual limit of 8 kilos for carry-on baggage on national and international flights will be added to the maximum total allowed per passenger, who may continue to carry handbags.