Turkish Airlines plane

Turkish Airlines unveils its plan to resume its flights

The Turkish airline plans to resume all its flights to domestic destinations in June, while international flights will gradually resume between June and August.

Turkish state-owned airline Turkish Airlines has unveiled part of its plans to resume its domestic and international flights in the coming months of June, July and August, after all its planes have been grounded due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to information to which the Anatolia news agency has had access, quoting airline sources who spoke anonymously because they were not authorised to make statements to the media, the airline plans to resume its domestic flights in June; the forecast is to reopen all the national routes with an initial operation of 60%, to later increase it in July and August.

Regarding international flights, they will gradually resume following a planned schedule. This calendar establishes for the next 3 months that from June Turkish Airlines will fly to 22 destinations in 19 countries: Canada, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Japan, China, South Korea, Singapore, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Belarus, Israel, Kuwait, Georgia and Lebanon. The frequency will be 75 weekly flights.

The number of international destinations operated by the airline, as well as the frequency of flights, will be progressively expanded during the summer; thus, for the month of July Turkish Airlines plans to expand its routes to 103 international destinations with a weekly frequency of 572 flights in total, while for August the number of destinations will expand to 160 with a total of 937 weekly flights.