Turkish Airlines Boeing plane

Turkish Airlines suspends flights until May

The Turkish airline said in a statement that it will keep all flights to international destinations suspended until at least the end of May, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Turkish state airline Turkish Airlines announced on Tuesday April 14th that it was extending the suspension of all its international flights until the end of May due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has already infected more than two million people worldwide and caused 128,000 dead.

The airline reported in a statement to the Turkish media that “according to the decisions made by the Turkish authorities, and to protect public health from the new coronavirus pandemic, we suspend all our international flights until May 20th, 2020

The airline had already announced earlier this month that it was suspending all its domestic flights -even though it only was keeping routes with 15 domestic destinations open- due to the COVID-19, because the Turkish authorities have decreed quarantine measures and even a temporary curfew in the main cities of the country.

In early April, Turkish Airlines announced that it was extending the suspension of all international flights until at least May 1st due to measures taken by the Turkish government to curb the expansion of the coronavirus in the country, which have included the suspension of flights. and the closure of maritime and land borders.