Turkish Airlines plane

Turkish Airlines extends the suspension of its flights until the end of May

The Turkish airline reported in an official statement that it will keep all flights to domestic and international destinations suspended until at least May 28th.

Turkish state airline Turkish Airlines has announced that it will extend the suspension of all its flights until at least May 28th, including both domestic and international destinations, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement issued on April 28th, the Turkish company reported that it had made this decision taking into account the public health as priority. “Following the decisions made by the official authorities, all flights have been suspended until May 28th, 2020 to protect public health against the new coronavirus pandemic,” said the text released by the airline.

The company had already announced two weeks ago that it would keep all its flights -except those for cargo transport- suspended until at least May 20th, after in early April it stopped flying to the 15 national destinations that it still kept operating in Turkey.

Like the rest of the world airlines, Turkish Airlines has been tremendously affected by the slowdown in passenger transport caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which has infected more than 3 million people worldwide. However, the latest data is encouraging for Turkey, which on Tuesday surpassed the barrier of 5,000 patients discharged from COVID-19 in a single day, more than double that the number of new infections.