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Turkish Airlines extends suspension of its flights

The Turkish airline will maintain at least until May 1 the suspension of all flights abroad. Only routes with 14 cities in Turkey are maintained in domestic destinations.

Turkish state-run Turkish Airlines has announced that it will extend the suspension of all its international flights until at least May 1st as part of measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, and in the face of drastic drop in demand.

As reported by the airline in a statement issued late on April 1st, all international flights will remain initially suspended until May 1st, unless it is decided to extend the quarantine measures decreed by the Turkish government, in which case the suspension could be extended in time.

Last month Turkish Airlines announced that since March 27th it suspended almost all its flights and would only fly to 5 destinations outside Turkey (Hong Kong, Moscow, Ethiopia, New York and Washington), but after the exponential increase in infections in the United States, it also decided to cancel the route between Istanbul and New York.

However, on March 27th the Turkish government announced the suspension of all flights abroad due to the increase in cases of COVID-19 in Turkey, which had also previously closed its land and sea borders. The presidential decree also included severe restrictions on movement between cities, which are only possible if expressly authorised by the province’s governor.

On Twitter, the executive director of Turkish Airlines, Bilal Ekşi, explanied that the Turkish airline maintains domestic flights but these are limited only to the 14 largest cities in the country -including Istanbul and Ankara- while in other local destinations flight have been suspended. According to the latest data, Turkey already registers 15,679 infections – 60% in Istanbul – and 277 deaths from the coronavirus.