Deniz Bulutsuz & Ozan Güven

Turkish actor Ozan Güven accused of mistreating his girlfriend

The actor, who has participated in several films and Turkish series such as The Magnificent Century, has a restraining order after causing several injuries to his girlfriend, Deniz Bulutsuz.

Ozan Güven, a Turkish actor who has participated in several films in addition to Turkish series such as The Magnificent Century, has been accused of mistreating his girlfriend Deniz Bulutsuz, who suffers significant bruises on the face as a result of an aggression that ensures lasted for an hour at the actor’s house in Istanbul.

As reported by Turkish media, the forensic report prepared on the incident indicates that Bulutsuz received several injuries, including bruises on one eye and on the arms, knees and legs, as well as cuts caused by glass and a spill in the same eye where she has a bruise. consequence of a strong blow.

Through her Instagram account, the 28-year-old woman (who works as a project specialist for Vogue magazine in Turkey) stated that she would file charges against the actor, which she says subjected her to mistreatment that lasted for an hour. For now, Bulutsuz has filed a criminal complaint against the actor through her lawyer before the Istanbul Prosecutor’s Office.

The assault began with a discussion about jealousy

Her lawyer claims that Bulutsuz suffered the assaults after standing up to Güven for her disrespectful behaviour, causing the actor to injure the victim in the face and body. According to the account of the events released by Turkish media, the incident occurred on June 12, when the couple went to the house of friends after dining at a restaurant in Istanbul.

There the actor allegedly began to make insults against Bulutsuz before the rest of their friend, apparently very upset because the young woman had mentioned her ex-boyfriend during a conversation. Although Bulutsuz then considered the matter settled, when the couple returned to the actor’s house late at night the topic came up again, and the conversation became more and more tense until Güven attacked his girlfriend.

The complaint filed by Bulutsuz claims that the Turkish actor broke various objects in the house and injured his partner in the chin; Furthermore, Güven reportedly tried to prevent the young woman from leaving the house when she tried to escape.

The actor has a restraining order

The actor, who has received a restraining order, nevertheless denies the accusations and affirms that it was he who “suffered violence” from Bulutsuz, against whom he has also filed a complaint. “Deniz Bulutsuz threatened Ozan Güven saying that she would end his career by making false accusations against him,” says the actor’s lawyer.

The assault became a topic of discussion on Turkey’s social media, where many users showed their solidarity with Bulutsuz and condemned the attitude of the Turkish actor Ozan Güven for mistreating his girlfriend. Several famous women in Turkey have also asked other celebrities who befriend Güven, such as the well-known actor and comedian Cem Yılmaz, to break their silence and condemn Güven’s aggression.