Istanbul, Lebon patisserie, oldest in Turkey

Turkey’s oldest patisserie closes its doors forever

Lebon, a patisserie located in the Beyoğlu district, in the historic heart of Istanbul, founded in 1810 by a French couple and considered the oldest patisserie in Turkey, will close its doors forever in December due to financial difficulties in paying rent. Abdurrahman Cengiz, one of its current owners for 36 years, explained that the premises belongs to the Armenian Karagözyan Foundation, with which they have a dispute over the rent that even took them to court. Although the court agreed with the tenants, now the contract is about to expire and the foundation asks them for a rent of 60,000 liras, double what they currently pay: an amount they cannot afford. “I feel very sad, Beyoğlu is not what it used to be,” confesses Cengiz. The case is reminiscent of the historic Denizler Kitabevi bookstore on İstiklal Avenue, which last October had to close its doors also due to financial problems.