USA, assault on Capitol

Turkey worried about the assault on the US Capitol

Turkey calls on all parties for restraint and respect for law and democracy after 1st assault on the US Capitol in more than 2 centuries.

Turkey says it’s “concerned” by the incredible images of the assault that Donald Trump supporters carried out on the US Capitol – home to both the House of Representatives and the Senate – calling on all parties to use restraint and common sense following the first assault on Capitol in 206 years of history.

In a statement issued on Wednesday by Turkey’s Foreign Ministry, the Turkish government said it was following “concerned” the recent events in the United States and the growing tension and polarisation in the country, including the attempt to storm the Capitol during the process of ratification of the victory of Joe Biden.

“We believe that the United States will calmly overcome this internal crisis,” added the official statement, which also urged Turkish citizens in the US to stay away from protests and crowded areas. For his part, İbrahim Kalın, spokesman for Turkish President Erdoğan, also showed his concern through Twitter about the images of chaos and violence coming from the US.

“We follow developments in the US with concern, and we invite all parties to remain calm. We believe that problems can always be resolved within the law and democracy,” said also on Twitter Mustafa Şentop, the speaker of Turkish parliament. “Turkey has always been in favor of law and democracy, and this is what we recommend to others,” he added referring to the assault on the US Capitol.