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Turkey works on 6 possible vaccines against coronavirus

Several universities in Turkey are working on various coronavirus vaccines; one of them uses a new technology based in a nasal spray.

Turkey currently has 6 active investigations into possible vaccines against the coronavirus, including one that will be supplied in the form of a nasal spray, according to the president of the Turkish Agency for Health Institutions (TÜSEB), Erhan Akdoğan, noting that there are two more vaccine projects in an advanced stage.

Speaking to the Anatolia news agency, Akdoğan explained that the investigations are being carried out by six Turkish universities: Erciyes (Kayseri), Hacettepe (Ankara), Yıldız Teknik (Istanbul), Marmara (Istanbul), Atatürk (Erzurum) and Akdeniz (Antalya). The vaccine being investigated at Erciyes University is already in phase 2 testing, he added.

“Research continues at the university. We believe that the vaccine will be ready soon,” said Akdoğan, who nonetheless said that more time is still needed to study the preliminary results of this vaccine, which is an inactivated one; that is, it contains inactive fragments of the virus that are used to generate antibodies in the human body.

Noting that TÜSEB began supporting scientific research on vaccine development as soon as the first case of coronavirus was reported in Turkey, Akdoğan added that several different types of vaccines are being studied, including one that will be delivered nasally via a spray. “This is a new technology. Human testing has not yet begun for this vaccine candidate. It is a different type of vaccine developed by a private institution,” he explained.

We will have to wait for the studies on this and other vaccines against the coronavirus to be completed; but once phase 3 of the tests is completed and the vaccine receives approval from the Turkish Medicines and Medical Products Agency, it will begin to be mass-produced in the country and will be used for vaccination, and even exported to other countries.