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Turkey withdraws controversial ‘Cuties’ from Netflix over pedophilia accusations

“Cuties” controversial promotion sparked worldwide criticism over allegations of encouraging sexualisation of minors and paedophilia.

The Supreme Council of Radio and Television of Turkey (RTÜK), the highest body in charge of regulating television content in the country, has ordered the streaming platform Netflix to withdraw the controversial film “Cuties” from its catalogue in Turkey after the film was involved in a deep controversy around the world as a result of a promotional campaign that was accused of promoting the sexualisation of minors and paedophilia.

In a statement, RTÜK announced that its decision was made due to the film’s plot, in which “children adopt adult lifestyles, and that it could unleash potential patterns of child abuse behaviour.”

Since its premiere, the film “Cuties” has been surrounded by a great controversy, with requests on social media and platforms around the world to withdraw it from the Netflix, which had to apologise and make changes to the images used for the promotion, where the leading cast girls appeared posing in a sensual way.

The withdrawal of the controversial “Cuties” has been possible thanks to the fact that in August 2019 a change in the legislation in Turkey authorised RTÜK to also regulate the content of online platforms, including Netflix; recently another alleged request by RTÜK for the removal of a homosexual character from a Turkish Netflix series, “Love 101” (Aşk 101), sparked another controversy in media, although RTÜK denied any pressure in this regard.