Israel under Netanyahu and Turkey

Turkey willing to maintain good relations with Israel under Netanyahu

Netanyahu’s return to power heralds a difficult period for relations between Turkey and Israel, just as they were beginning to mend.

The President of Turkey, Tayyip Erdoğan, has made it clear that Turkey remains willing and committed to improving its relations with Israel despite the fact that, after the elections in that country, everything seems to point towards a new government led again by Benjamin Netanyahu, under whose mandate precisely tensions between Turkey and Israel reached their peak.

“The results of the elections are not clear (yet), but whatever the election results are, it is our wish to develop our ties with Israel on a sustainable basis, based on mutual respect for our concerns and on our common interests,” declared Erdoğan last night during a televised interview.

“We are watching over our hopes of maintaining this process (of normalization of relations) through mutual contacts, and improving our relations in all areas. As long as values ​​are respected, I believe that with win-win diplomacy, not only Turkey and Israel, but the entire region will benefit,” the Turkish president stressed.

Netanyahu, who was Israel’s prime minister from 2009 to 2021, appears on track to become the country’s prime minister again after Tuesday’s election, in which his Likud party would have won a majority in parliament (Knesset) along with its right-wing allies, including religious extremist and openly xenophobic parties.

Precisely, with Netanyahu in power, relations between Turkey and Israel deteriorated to levels never seen before, but after his departure from the government at the beginning of 2021 amid accusations of corruption, both countries had begun in the last two years a promising process of normalization of their political, diplomatic and economic ties, even restoring their respective ambassadors.