Sultan Mehmet enters Constantinople

Turkey will have a museum dedicated to Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror

The 1st museum dedicated to a sultan in Turkey will shed light on the life of Sultan Mehmet, who with 21 years conquered Constantinople.

Turkey will build a museum dedicated to Sultan Mehmet II the Conqueror (Fetih Sultan Mehmet, in Turkish), nicknamed this way for being the one who led the conquest of Constantinople against the Byzantines: it will also be the first museum in the country’s history dedicated to an Ottoman sultan.

A scientific committee made up of 19 experts has been established for the creation of the museum, which will be located at the Saatli Madrasa, located in the Turkish province of Edirne; the choice of this place responds to the fact that it was in this historic madrasa that Sultan Mehmet received his education as a child. It is said that even then he dreamed of conquering Constantinople.

One of the members of the scientific committee is Zekeriya Kurşun, professor of history and dean of the Faculty of Literature at Fatih Sultan Mehmet University in Istanbul; in remarks to media, Kurşun highlighted the importance of the museum: “For the first time in Turkey, a museum bearing the name of a sultan will be built in Edirne,” he said.

“There are some works dedicated to sultans in the cities where they lived as princes, but the Museum of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror will be an important museum, as it will be the first museum created directly for a sultan,” Kurşun underlined, adding that Mehmet II was a important sultan not only for Ottomans, but also for Europeans.

At just 21 years old, Mehmet conquered Constantinople and proclaimed himself emperor

With only 21 years of age he conquered Constantinople and proclaimed himself “Emperor of the Romans” (Kayser-i Rum, in ancient Turkish), and consolidated the Ottoman Empire as a direct successor to the Roman Empire and as one of the most powerful states in Europe during the the next three centuries.

As Kurşun explained, the museum dedicated to Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror will focus on Mehmet II not only as a historical figure but also as a human being, trying to unravel “Fatih as a person.” “We will try to show how a person can be so successful being so young … We are trying to understand how Fatih used to think when he was alone. We know what he did, we know how he carried out his conquests, the conquest of Istanbul, the conquests in the Balkans,” he noted.