masks for virus, demanded for coronavirus

Turkey triples its mask production due to high demand in China

The outbreak of the coronavirus has triggered a high demand for masks in China, which has also halted its production. Paradoxically, China was before the world’s largest manufacturer of this product.

Turkish companies engaged in the manufacture of masks have had to increase their production to almost triple it due to the huge demand from countries like China because of the outbreak of the coronavirus.

In fact, in recent weeks COVID-19 has spread to other countries in the world, mainly South Korea, Japan, Iran and Italy, and in these countries panic among many citizens has caused face protection masks to run out; so, Turkish companies – which have a capacity to produce 10 million masks a month – have had to triple their production.

Metin Demir, president of the Turkish Health Industry Entrepreneurs Trade Union (SEIS), told Anatolia news agency that there are currently 10 companies in Turkey producing masks, 5 of which are large companies, and that all of them have had to increase their production capacity due to the high demand that comes from China, where the virus has already caused more than 2,600 deaths.

However, and despite the fact that Turkish firms have increased their production capacity to 30 million units per month, it remains insufficient to meet the demand from China, which paradoxically was the world’s largest manufacturer of this product before the disease arose.

Coronavirus has stopped production in China

“China is the leader in the production of disposable medical items,” Demir said. “However, with the emergence of the new coronavirus epidemic, mask stocks have disappeared and production has also stopped, in a country that has 1.3 billion inhabitants,” he added.

Actually, according to Demir it has been China’s own fierce competition in the market what has led to this situation; the Asian country eliminated several producers from the competition due to the low prices of its products, and now that it needs them, it finds that it does not find enough manufacturing companies abroad.

In fact, it´s not only the demand for masks manufactured in Turkey what has increased. The outbreak of the coronavirus in China has caused many countries and large multinationals to look at Turkey as an alternative country to divert the production they had so far in Chinese territory, especially in industries such as textiles and clothing, or steel.