Turkey, military drone Bayraktar

Turkey to manufacture its military drones in Ukraine

The Kyiv government has confirmed that the Turkish company Baykar will manufacture its Bayraktar military drones in Ukraine.

Baykar, the company that manufactures the famous Turkish Bayraktar military drones, plans to build a plant to manufacture its drones in Ukraine, as confirmed during an interview by the Ukrainian ambassador to Turkey, Vasyl Bodnar.

Speaking to the Ukrainian news agency RBC, Bodnar said that the Turkish company Baykar has already established a subsidiary in Ukraine, adding that the plant is currently under construction, although some rumours suggest that the factory was already under construction before the Russian invasion. “Only a week ago, the (Kyiv) government approved the bilateral agreement and sent it to parliament for ratification, the plant construction agreement itself,” he said.

“Baykar has already bought some land in Ukraine and developed the project,” explained the Ukrainian ambassador, who stressed that the decision to build the Turkish drone factory in Ukraine was not only political. “It is also a practical decision, given that a significant number of the models that will be manufactured at this plant will have Ukrainian components in their production.”

“It can be engines and other spare parts, wheels, many different high-tech things that can be used in these aircraft… The field of defence technology is one of the boosting factors of the relations between Turkey and Ukraine,” said the ambassador.

Since the outbreak of the war, Ukraine has received 50 military drones from the Turkey-based company, according to data from the Ukrainian defence ministry: 3 of them were given away for free by Baykar.