YouTube, Youtubers in Turkey

Turkey to investigate earnings of Youtubers

Top 25 Youtubers in Turkey have a total of 113 million followers, generating a total monthly revenue of 550,000 euros just from visits.

The Turkish Ministry of Treasury and Finance has begun to investigate the banking transactions of the main Turkish Youtubers to assess whether they are complying with the payment of taxes and fiscal obligations, according to information published a few days ago in the Turkish press.

According to this information, ministry officials have been examining money transfers during the last five years between citizens residing in Turkey and the company Google Ireland Limited, owner of the famous YouTube video platform and which manages payments to those who create and share visual material through their profiles and channels on the portal.

However, experts do not agree on how income from profiles on social networks and platforms such as YouTube should be taxed; while some argue that income obtained on the Internet should be exempt from tax, others on the contrary affirm that all income generated through a business, whatever its complexity, structure and operation is, must pay taxes.

In Turkey, the payment of personal income tax consists of 4 types ranging from 15% for annual income up to 18,000 liras (2,145 euros) for non-employment income, up to a maximum rate of 35% when annual income is equal to or greater than 98,001 liras (about 11,681 euros), although this rate applies only to the amount that exceeds a minimum income.

For now it is not clear if after this investigation Youtubers will be obliged to pay fines for the taxes not paid so far on their earnings. According to estimates, the top 25 YouTubers in Turkey have a total of 113 million followers and generate monthly combined revenue just from visits of 4.6 million Turkish liras (about 550,000 euros), not counting revenues from advertising or marketing deals.