Turkey, combat drone TB2

Turkey to give free combat drones to Ukraine

Turkish defence company Baykar will give 3 TB2 drones to the Ukrainian army for free, so that the funds go to help the Ukrainian people.

Turkey‘s defence company Baykar, specialized in military drones, has announced that it will deliver three combat drones absolutely free to the army of Ukraine.

In a statement published yesterday through its profile on the social network Twitter, the company – which among its directors has the son-in-law of Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan – reported that a fundraising campaign for Ukraine had raised enough money to buy several of its Turkish Bayraktar TB2 military drones “for the Ukrainians to be used in defende of their homeland.”

However, Baykar adds in the statement that it will not accept such money for the purchase of his drones, and will instead hand them over completely free of charge to the Ukrainian armed forces. “Baykar will not accept payment for TB2s, and will send three UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) totally free of charge to the Ukrainian war front,” explains the Turkish defence company, adding that “We ask that the funds raised (in the campaign) be sent instead to help the Ukrainian people”.

Costing more than $5 million per unit, the Bayraktar TB2 is considered one of the most advanced combat drones in the world. Capable of flying at an altitude of over 8,200 meters, it has a flight autonomy of 27 hours both day and night. With a wingspan of 12 meters, its weapons include smart micro ammunition, anti-tank air-to-ground missiles, and laser-guided missiles.

At the beginning of June, Baykar already offered to send a TB2 drone free of charge to Lithuania so that the funds that a campaign among the Lithuanian people had raised to buy a Turkish combat drone for the Ukrainian army, could be used for humanitarian aid for the population. Just before the start of the Russian attack on Ukraine, Kyiv had about twenty Turkish TB2 combat drones, which have played a very important role in stopping the advance of the Russian forces; experts say that Ukraine has continued to receive TB2 since then, something that Turkey has neither confirmed nor denied.