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Turkey to begin human testing of 3 coronavirus vaccines

In addition to efforts to develop its own coronavirus vaccine, Turkey has approved the trial of a possible Chinese vaccine.

Clinical trials in humans of three coronavirus vaccines developed in Turkey will begin very soon, the country’s Minister of Industry and Technology, Mustafa Varank, announced on Sunday.

During a visit to a pharmaceutical company in Adıyaman province, in southeastern Turkey, Varank explained that procedures have now been opened for the testing of three domestically produced vaccines against the novel SARS-CoV-2 virus. “Once the certification is ready, they will start to manufacture vaccines for human trials,” added the minister, highlighting the great efforts of Turkish scientists to develop drugs and vaccines against COVID-19.

To date, two vaccine projects had completed the animal testing phase and were ready for human trials; now Vetal, the Turkish company the minister visited on Sunday, has also completed the animal testing phase. “They will submit an application to the Ministry of Health for approval; therefore, we are now in the clinical trial phase (in humans) for three vaccines. Vetal is one of the companies capable of mass producing the vaccine,” Varank said.

In addition to efforts to develop its own vaccine, in early September Turkey approved human trials for Phase III of a Chinese coronavirus vaccine, which will be administered to some 1,300 healthcare workers in two doses 14 days apart. The Turkish government is also studying a request to test a potential Russian vaccine among Turkish population.