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Turkey to allow foreigners to be employed without work permit

Turkish government has announced a new rule that exempts some foreigners and professions from applying for a work permit.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security of Turkey has announced the entry into force of a new regulation that will allow foreigners who carry out certain professions to be employed in the country without the need to previously obtain a work permit, including those who carry out their activity in areas such as sports, agriculture and livestock, or research.

According to information published in Turkish press, the new regulations that have entered into force in Turkey will allow foreigners who work seasonally in agriculture or livestock to enjoy an exemption from the obligation to obtain a work permit for a period of 6 months. The same exemption period applies to foreigners who work in fairs and circuses.

In the case of foreign athletes, they will be able to carry out their profession in Turkey for the duration of their employment contract, without having to apply for a permit, while those non-Turkish citizens who carry out training or research tasks in universities, public institutions or other similar entities, will be exempt from the work permit for a maximum period of 2 years.

Other groups of foreigners who are exempt from the obligation to obtain a work permit are those who carry out internships in Turkey in the framework of student exchange programs, and who may work in the country for a maximum period of 4 months. In the case of scientific, cultural or artistic activities, the maximum period of exemption is then reduced to one month.

As for foreigners assigned to projects carried out in the framework of financial cooperation programs between Turkey and the EU, they will be able to be employed without a work permit for the duration of their assignment. Also exempt, in this case for 3 months, are those foreigners who reside outside of Turkey and can prove their Turkish origin.