X, Twitter

Turkey threatens to limit access to X, former Twitter

Turkey‘s Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Abdulkadir Uraloğlu, has said that the Turkish government is considering limiting the bandwidth to access X, the former Twitter social network, as part of sanctions against the Elon Musk-owned platform for failing to appoint an administrative representative for the Eurasian country in compliance with Turkish law.

Turkish authorities recently imposed a fine of 40 million Turkish Liras (€1.1 million) against the former Twitter for non-compliance with Internet Law 5651, which obliges the social network to appoint a representative for Turkey, combat illegal content and provide services specifically designed for children, among other requirements. The platform, however, refused to pay the penalty.

As a result of this fine, a series of advertising restrictions were imposed against “X” that prohibit the platform from publishing advertisements from Turkish advertisers and companies, which means that it is limited to displaying in Turkey ads coming from foreign advertisers. Threads, Meta’s new social network, is also experiencing difficulties and it recently announced the suspension of its services in Turkey following an investigation for violating competition laws.

While the minister has assured that “negotiations are still ongoing” with X, Uraloğlu stressed that “limiting the bandwidth is an option” being considered by the Turkish government against the former Twitter. According to reports in the Turkish press, Turkey’s Information and Communication Technologies Agency (BTK) is considering as the next step in the sanctions against “X” bandwidth throttling measures: that is, limiting the bandwidth speed for accessing the platform by 90%, which in practice would amount to making it practically unusable for users, regardless of the connection speed they have contracted in their Internet service.