UK, coronavirus pandemic in London

Turkey suspends flights with the UK due to new coronavirus strain

Several countries have cancelled all flights with the UK, which has acknowledged that the new strain is “out of control”.

Turkey announced on Sunday the suspension of all flights from the UK, as well as the cancellation of flights with several countries in which the new strain of the coronavirus has been detected, including Denmark, the Netherlands and South Africa, as confirmed by the Minister of Health of the country Fahrettin Koca, who warned that the new mutation suffered by the virus has a higher transmission rate.

“The transmission rate has been reported to have increased in the UK with the coronavirus mutation,” Koca said via his Twitter account referring to the new variant of the virus recently discovered in the London area, one of the main axes of world trade, and that almost doubles the contagion rate of the strain that was known until now, increasing it by 70%.

“Following instructions from our President (Erdoğan) in coordination with our Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, a temporary suspension of flights from the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Netherlands and South Africa to our country has been decided,” the minister explained. “Measures are being carried out in a coordinated manner,” he added.

As reported by Turkish media, Turkey has already begun since yesterday Sunday to carry out tests on all passengers from the United Kingdom to try to detect if they are carriers of the new strain of the virus, identifying their contacts and requiring them to carry out self-confinement upon arrival at Turkey.

The new virus mutation increases contagion by 70%

Turkey thus joins other European countries that in recent hours have begun to ban flights from the United Kingdom and other places where the new strain has been detected, after the British government alerted the WHO that the new variant, called VUI 202012/01, has a 70% higher contagion rate and is “out of control“, centred around London, where it already accounts for 60% of the new infections in the city.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Saturday that millions of people must cancel their plans to meet at Christmas and stay home because the new strain is causing the spread of the virus to accelerate faster than anticipated. Matt Hancock, UK Health Secretary, warned that containment measures affecting nearly a third of the country’s population could continue until the vaccine is distributed.

Precisely in relation to the vaccine developed against the coronavirus and that the United Kingdom had already begun to apply to health workers, experts believe that for now it will not be affected by this new variant of the virus and will continue to be effective, although it is still too early to know its consequences and everything will depend on whether new mutations arise and how they affect the functioning of the virus.

While Turkey takes action against the new strain of coronavirus from the UK, the latest data released on Sunday by the Health Minister indicates that in the last 24 hours 20,316 new infections were registered, 3,546 of them with symptoms of COVID-19, as well as another 246 deaths from the virus, with which there are already 18,097 deaths since the start of the pandemic in Turkey, which has already exceeded the barrier of 2 million cases registered since the first case of coronavirus.