Cleaning of the metro in Ankara due to coronavirus

Turkey suspends flights with Italy, Iraq and Korea due to coronavirus

From this Sunday Turkey, which has not yet registered any case of the coronavirus, vetoes the entry into the country to people from these countries, which are the most affected by COVID-19.

Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced on Saturday the suspension of all flights to or from Italy, Iraq and South Korea, three of the countries with the most cases of the new COVID-19 coronavirus, after Ankara had previously closed its borders and cancelled flights with China and Iran.

The measure came into effect from 00:00 hours – midnight from Saturday to Sunday – and the minister confirmed that the border between Iraq and Turkey has also been “temporarily” closed. At the Habur border crossing, one of the most important connecting with northern Iraq, police and the gendarmerie established checkpoints to order drivers to return to their country.

Only Turkish citizens who are in Iraq and want to return to the country are allowed into Turkey, but a field hospital has been established to test those returning to Turkey. Apart from that, the entry of Iraqis is prohibited, and border guards and customs personnel have been ordered to wear protective masks.

Turkey has not yet registered any case of coronavirus

Until now, Turkey has not registered a single positive case of the new respiratory virus that emerged late 2019 in Wuhan, the capital of the Chinese province of Hubei. On Thursday, a patient was detected in the city of Adana, in southern Turkey, with strong cough after recently returned from making the Umrah pilgrimage from Saudi Arabia, which has suspended the pilgrimage to Mecca to prevent the spread of the virus.

However, after spending two days in quarantine in a hospital, the patient tested negative in the COVID-19 tests. On Saturday, numerous Muslim pilgrims arrived at the Istanbul Airport from Saudi Arabia after their entry was vetoed into the country, so Turkish authorities have deployed additional medical personnel at the airport and passengers are monitored with thermal cameras to detect possible cases of the coronavirus.